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New members are welcome!

There is no membership restriction, we are accepting new members.

Flying by winch-towing - that's effectively all there is within 100 miles - is team work and only together we can master the financial and organisatorial challenges. Without dedicated clubs there would simply be no oportunity to fly here. Moreover the membership costs are barely higher than the (included) individual DHV membership and you will enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Cost savings
    1. Significantly lower tow fee
    2. Car sharing
    3. Buying is less expensive through experience and collective deals
  2. Diverse club activities
    1. Reserve repack session
    2. Club excursions, also in foreign countries
    3. Educational seminars
    4. Club meetings, BBQs, parties and much more
  3. Experienced local pilots to help you with problems
  4. Full access to this website's content (not all is public)
  5. And finally of course the best conviviality possible. 8-;

Summary: You will fly more and better as a club member - that is the experience many have made with flatland flying. And those who get to fly little, will feel unsure when flying and often sooner or later abandon this marvellous sport.

Feel free to visit us as a guest first and get to know our folks. We are always gladly welcoming visitors.

The formal stuff about our club is written in our club's statutes.


You have already decided to join us?

  1. Please register on this website: This gives us all detailled data, that we need for the membership.
  2. Then please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. again separately and sign our bank direct debit authorization form for the membership dues. Please post the signed original form to our treasurer.


Thank you for your support! We are looking forward to fly with you!