Hi and welcome to Paragliding Nordwest e.V.


It is hard to believe, but even in super-flat Eastern-Frisia there is a paragliding club for the northerners and mountain-lovers!


Rumors have it that some folks do not know where Eastern-Frisia is located: "Ostfriesland", as is its German name, is in the very north of Germany, precisely in the north-west of Lower Saxony, where the rest of the Germans go for vacation.

It features the North-sea coast, seven large islands, its beaches, a national park and several major cities: Leer, Aurich, Emden (famous comedian Otto's birth place), Oldenburg and of course Bunde, the Mecca of Northern-German paraglider pilots.


Here you will find the absolute north-western-most paragliding Club, Paragliding Nordwest e.V. with its currently ca. 50 members. As Eastern-Frisia has a pronounced shortage of any geological feature above 10m (the Plyten-"mountain" in Leer is 9m - some dunghills exceed it), we need to gain height with a stationary winch, which allows us to reach 300-700m above ground and is the start into fantastic flights.


Depending on the thermal qualities flights of 8 hours and heights of 2000m have been reached. If you are now interested to learn more, don't hesitate to call us or send us a message.


The official club data:

Chairman: Joachim de Buhr (Acki)
Deputy chairman: René Mertens
Treasurer: Nicole Ochs-Schultz

Our club is am official non-profit association