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Most say it is addictive - the feeling of your first flight is simply awesome! The fascination of peaceful gliding though the blue sky, the serenity and harmony with nature, feeling the wind in your face while observing the world from above.

Since 2003 we are occasionally offering "pedestrians" the opportunity to do a tandem flight with an experienced paragliding pilot. It does not matter if you just want to see your home country from the air or if you want to try out the sport, this is the chance to do it in Eastern Frisia.


If you want to join the experience, all you need is solid shoes and a jacket. And perhaps a bit of flexibility and patience.


For further information please directly contact Jan Birkner

In the moment tandem flights are only possible on a few select days each year! Can I fly with you on x.x.20xx? Almost certainly not, we have to pool these requests and then organize it on specific days.


Please notice:

In our region tandem pilots are quite scarce and moreover paragliding is a highly weather dependant sport. Security always come first, especially for tandem flights, therefore we prefer to cancel appointments, when there are even minor doubts.

Unfortunately that also means, one has to be flexible and cannot plan appointments well in advance. In addition we try to collect appointments, to make the effort worth it for the tandem pilot.

On the other hand financial interests are secondary for us (as a charitable club) and you will be spared some of the negative side-effects of the strongly commercial orientation of tandem operations in touristic hot-spots.


But I want to fly as soon as possible?

Then you will have to drive to a commercial service provider. In the weekend the closest option at ca. 100 km distance is in Holland PNN. During the week you might have to drive 300 km. And please be reminded that also the best commercial providers have to cancel 50% of their appointments due to weather if booked in advance. We cannot fly in rain or with heavy winds.