To be absolutely clear: Each pilot has the responsibility to be current on airspace information regarding his flight path. This responsibility cannot be delegated, but will always rest with the pilot himself.

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Airspace maps:

(after free registration the German ICAO map and NOTAMs can be accessed)

Benelux: Notaminfo Benelux


ED-R activities:


Relevant airspace near our sites:
  • TMA-TMZ EELDE near Groningen above 450/420 m (starts right at the country boarder of the Netherlands!)
  • TMZ C south of TMA-TMZ Eelde: Weekends from 1980 m (FL65), otherwise 1370 m (FL45)
  • RMZ Emden + Wilhelmshaven
  • New: TMZ (HX) Wittmundhafen
  • D (HX) Wittmundhafen
  • Parachute jumpzone Westerstede
  • Airspace Bremen
  • ED-R 34 (A+B: Mon-Fri, C: activation by NOTAM)
  • TMZ Wittmund


Glossary and explanation:
  • TMZ: Transponder mandatory zone (we have no transponders)
  • RMZ: Radio mandatory zone (active communication necessary on airband)
  • D (HX): Class D regulated airspace, not always active (but activation possible on short notice, requires airband radio)
  • ED-R: Restricted airspace in Germany, entry strictly forbidden, activation times need to be checked (plus NOTAMS if activated by them)