Paraglider pilot, yet no winch license?

Fortunately this only requires a moderate effort is not very costly to upgrade. We will gladly recommend a school and give some hints how to approach this. A short theoretic course and 20 winch tows are done fast - usually on 2-3 weekends.


You want to learn paragliding?

No problem, we will help you with hints and recommendations. Just ask us.

When you start your training course, you will be able to do the first small flight with the help of an instructor often already on the second day. Depending on the school and weather conditions you may have already competed the first altitude flights after the first week of training.


Preparation for landing


Normally all starts with a basic course, which will take 1 week. However you can also start with a test weekend or do a tandem first, simply to decide if the sport is for you.


The basic course should include

    -   Individual tutoring
    -   modern rental equipment
    -   Theory lessons
    -   Radio and video use
    -   Transport onto the moountain if applicable
    -   All site-fees
    -   A theory and practical test

and you should confirm that all costs are included.

After the basic course you will have to complete 2-3 weeks for an altitude flying course. After some theory lessions both a theoretical and a practical flight exam have to be passed (easier than the car driving license).


After you managed this, you will be allowed to fly entirely on your own!
Nevertheless it is advisable, not to go off on your own in the beginning, but instead to team up with experienced pilots

Ensure that the school gives you the total cost calculation: About 1300-1900 EUR can be expected (excl. the gear, which should be bought ideally after the exams). You can find reasonable 2nd hand gear starting from 1000-1500 EUR, but beware of e-bay (often unsuitable and wasted equipment).