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Already in 2019 a new TMZ around the military airfield Wittmundhafen (ETNT) was tested. This airspace will unfortunately become permanent in 2020.

TMZ Wittmundhafen

Early in 2020 there were extensive discussions about this issue, including also the DHV, representatives of the sailplane pilots and our vice chairman. As a result the TMZ will be established as a TMZ (HX) and will generally not be activated on weekends. Exceptions are to be published in advance via NOTAM.

This will affect us predominantly when flying from Nortmoor with southern winds. It will be essential to check the NOTAMs on the morning of the flight day (e.g.  here). It is not yet clear if we can negotiate any exemptions during the week, however this will likely involve monitoring of WTM radar 131.015 MHz on airband radio.

The final responsibility to ensure that the TMZ is not active and that all regulations are followed will rest solely with the pilot.

Eastern-Frisia is not particularly known to be the paradise for xc-flights. But yes, sometimes even we have our big days. Enough wind and plenty landing options are almost always available - which is something to build on. Please have a look at some of our flights in the DHV-XC catalogue.


Nortmoor (SSW-NNO)

Flights Nortmoor


Flugplatz Barßel-Lohe (WNW-OSO)

Flights Barßel


Bunde (NNW-SSO)

Flights Bunde


click on XC-ppoints or km to get a sorted list. Otherwise it is sorted by date.

The following clubs from Northern Germany cooperate in the "Nordverbund":


Members of any of these clubs can fly at all sites subject to local members conditions. No extra guest fees have to be payed. Together we strife to maintain a well-developed network of flying sites to foster the sport of paragliding.

To be absolutely clear: Each pilot has the responsibility to be current on airspace information regarding his flight path. This responsibility cannot be delegated, but will always rest with the pilot himself.

 ofma map 20190226 205813

Airspace maps:


(after free registration the German ICAO map and NOTAMs can be accessed)

Benelux: Notaminfo Benelux


ED-R activities:



Relevant airspace near our sites:
  • TMA-TMZ EELDE near Groningen above 450/420 m (starts right at the country boarder of the Netherlands!)
  • TMZ C south of TMA-TMZ Eelde: Weekends from 1980 m (FL65), otherwise 1370 m (FL45)
  • RMZ Emden + Wilhelmshaven
  • New: TMZ (HX) Wittmundhafen
  • D (HX) Wittmundhafen
  • Parachute jumpzone Westerstede
  • Airspace Bremen
  • ED-R 34 (A+B: Mon-Fri, C: activation by NOTAM)
  • Temporary TMZ Wittmund as trial until 19.9.2019


Glossary and explanation:
  • TMZ: Transponder mandatory zone (we have no transponders)
  • RMZ: Radio mandatory zone (active communication necessary on airband)
  • D (HX): Class D regulated airspace, not always active (but activation possible on short notice, requires airband radio)
  • ED-R: Restricted airspace in Germany, entry strictly forbidden, activation times need to be checked (plus NOTAMS if activated by them)